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    from Mr. Xiangshuang Shan

    The cause of CSC Group is great and glorious,
    CSC folks are confident and prideful,
    We’ve taken the pioneers’ stance,
    We’ve raised our flag high and wide in the vast sphere of China’s investment and financial markets,
    We will be the innovator and the leader of the majestic,
    To write a new chapter in history!


    China Science & Merchants Investment Management Group (CSC Group,), founded in 2000, is one of the first large-scale and Chinese government-approved RMB private equity investment and fund management firm. 
    Until June 30, 2017, CSC Group has over 120 private equity funds under management, and more than 80 billion RMB under asset management. Over 80 of invested companies succeeded in IPO in domestic and international capital markets. CSC Group has also accumulated more than 6,000 limited partners who are mainly private business owners in different industries, and hundreds of thousand invention and innovation products. CSC Group focuses on wide range of investment opportunities in TMT(Telecommunication, Media and Technology), healthcare, medicine and medical equipment, consumption, culture and entertainment, environmental protection, energy saving, energy and resources, modern agriculture, advanced manufacturing, transportation and logistics, etc. CSC Group has established massive networks in industry, investment and fundraising, making tremendous contributions to regional and national economy development.
    On March 20th 2015, CSC Group was listed in National Equities Exchanges and Quotations(NEEQ), Security Code: 832168.

    CSC Group reached a cooperation agreement with Combodia, the first stop of CSC’s "The Belt and Road" strategy.
    CSC Group and Shenwu Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement. The two parties jointly launched RMB15 billion yuan fund.
    Founded an investment fund with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Research Institute.
    Signed a comprehensive strategic corporation agreement with Chongqing municipal government. There will be in-depth corporation in the field of industrial transformation & upgrading; innovation and entrepreneurship eco-system construction; and financial area.
    Set up CSC agriculture development group in Wuxi, Jiangsu province. Raised fund with Guangdong government and Jiangxi government in industrial transformation and upgrading.
    March 20th, in the National SME share transfer system listing (securities code: 832168), officially landed three new board.
    Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with AngelList, the largest online Funding platform for early-stage tech startup worldwide.
    Jointly initiated an online platform to raise public equity investment with Guangdong Yueke Financial Group. CSC Richland Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established.
    In charge of the group's public offering of fund business in the fertile soil Fund Management Co., Ltd. was established.
    Held “Fund, Infrastructure, Industry Incubator Base” conference in the first Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Forum in Shaoshan, Hunan. Launched the strategy of “Fund, Infrastructure, Industry Incubator Base” with hundreds of universities and colleges domestically.
    Implementation of strategic adjustment, launched “Fund, Infrastructure, Industry Incubator Base” (namely to set up funds, to build infrastructure, to incubate industry chains.)
    Set up a brand new innovation and entrepreneurship center – China Invention Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center with China Association of Invention.
    Initiated the establishment and entrusted management of the first large-scale record system equity investment fund of the National Radio and television system - Guangdong radio and television industry fund
    In 2011, the largest investment in a single project - 2 billion yuan, to invest in Guangdong cable
    In June 2012, founded the first national science fund emerging industries — Baiyun Emerging Industries Fund
    Gangyan Gauna investment company listed on startup board
    Established and entrusted with the management of Guangdong province first large-scale filing system of equity investment fund — Fund Baiyun Branch
    Successfully invested Spreadtrum communications, and became the company's first overseas listing.
    Initiated the establishment of the first venture investment fund.
    Incorporated in China, has become China's first large-scale and Chinese government-approved RMB private equity investment and fund management firm.
    Social honor
    2016 Top 20 Private Equity
    2016 Top 10 Investment Institution in Advanced Manufacturing, Best NEEQ Investment Institution, The Capital
    2016 Top 100 NEEQ, Securities China
    2015 Best National Equities Exchange and Quotations(NEEQ) Investment Vision
    2015 Most Influential Private Equity, China Times
    2015Top 10 Private Equity, 21 Century Economy Reports
    2015 Top 10 Private Equity, China Association of Private Equity (CAPE)
    2013 Best Venture Capital, The Capital
    2013 Top 50 China Venture Capital, Zero2IPO
    2012, 2013, 2015 Excellent Institute, Shanghai Securities News
    2012-2015 Best Private Equity by Forbes China
    2012 Best Venture Capital, China Venture Capital & Private Equity Association
    2006 Best Investment Institution, Best Fundraising, China Venture Capital Institute
    2005 Best Investment, Best Institution, Best Fundraising, Digital Wealth
    2005 China Most Influential Venture Capital
    2002 Top 50 Venture Capital, Digital Wealth